Antonia-SautterAntonia Sautter, in whose veins German blood circulates on her father’s side and Venetian blood on her mother’s side, inherited a complex soul from her ancestors. Both noble and merchant, an incurable Dreamer of extraordinary artistic talent, Antonia has been one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in her native city Venice for over twenty years.

Her first steps in fashion began at an early age. When only 23 she was sole administrator of the Italian branch of ‘Venezia Mode’, amongst the leading companies of distribution for ‘Made in Italy’ fashion in the United States, where Antonia spent long periods in New York as a coordinator between Italy and the U.S.A. Once back in Italy, she opened her own Atelier in Venice and fashion ‘Venetia’, now Antonia Sautter Creations & Events, was born.

The next years saw her as an interpreter of projects, creation and organizer of events that plunge her very own roots in the search of the Dream, of the Arts and of Venetian splendour!

In 1994 she invented ‘Il Ballo del Doge’, the International Gala of Carnival – defined by Vanity Fair, “the most sumptuous and exclusive, famous and sought after mundane event in the world.

Antonia Sautter is a profound expert of creative art, the history of costumes and fabrics and of antique methods in making these but, above all, she is a gifted artisan with great manual skills.

Over the years Antonia Sautter’s professionalism has been recognized and appreciated right to the upper echelons, and there are so many Cultural Institutes, Private Firms and Cultural Organizations that invest in her as consultant for the promotion of the Venetian Patrimony in the world.

In April 2011 she received the Honours degree, laurea honoris causa as “Executive Doctor” in “Entrepreneurship and events management” from the European Institute of International Management in Paris.

In 2012 Antonia Sautter was awarded Venetian of the Year, ‘Premio Veneziana dell’anno’ for “her commitment in spreading and promoting with great originality on an International level the image of Venice and its territory”.

In the same year she also received the investiture of ‘Cavaliere della Repubblica’, (C.B.E equivalent in UK) the most prestigious acknowledgement that can be bestowed in Italy, for “worthy reward acquired towards the Nation in the field of Literature, the Arts, and the Economy”.

In 2013 Il Ballo del Doge celebrated its 20th Annual Edition.